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I want to write you bad poetry
Not because you don’t deserve good words
Nor because I lack the capability to do it
Or that you are not inspiring enough to stand as my muse
But when I was writing poorly,
I was feeling purely.

I want to go back to my teenage years
Ruled by emotion, steered by desire
And let passion dictate my actions
Not yet jaded by experience
Still fresh to receive and send out
Signals of…

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Now that I’ve officially seen Captain America 2, I spent most of last night and part of today researching what everything means in terms of the Marvel Universe and the movies that are going to be coming out.

All you guys need to know is that you should be excited.

I wish that Fox didn’t own the rights to X-Men and Sony didn’t still have control over Spider-Man, otherwise we’d be in for an even greater set of movies than we’ve already got.

Last night was the first time I ever watched Game of Thrones. It just so happened I was watching with my brother and his girlfriend. Having read the books almost exactly up to the point that they’re at in the show, it was really funny watching their reactions to the episode.

What’s even more hilarious are the people on Facebook who think they know exactly what’s going on, and I’m just sitting here thinking “You poor people. You have no idea how all of this is about to go down.”

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